We’re Home Stylus, a creative studio
that loves to collaborate, beautify, and design.


Hi! I’m Jill Weadick, and I’m passionate about making beautiful things, and making things beautiful. I truly believe in the power of eye-popping gifts to elevate relationships, transform businesses, and inspire people everywhere. Home is where the heart is, and serving the home industry brings beauty and love into the everyday.

Real estate agents are so busy managing their businesses they love our service oriented style. Closing gifts suddenly become pleasurable not stressful. Real estate agents need home staging to help clients make more money from the sale.

Homeowners are anxious about moving into new spaces. Using the convenience of email and Skype to complete E-design is a home owner’s dream. Getting step-by-step interior design advice is like a warm cozy blanket, easing their fears and bringing good vibes, and good design.

I’m excited to learn about you, discover what you most need, and serve you with my creative passion.