Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

E-Design Services

You’re a homeowner who is tired of living in rooms that don’t wow you. You live and work in your rooms every day and you know they aren’t reflecting your style, but you’re struggling with finding the right ideas to re-design your rooms. You don’t know what to do first, and you don’t have a clear vision of how the rooms will look when they are finished.

You feel frustrated and embarrassed when friends come to visit, because you know your home is unfinished. You’ve tried different things to spruce up your rooms but nothing really works.

I’ll work with you to create a vision for your rooms that wow’s you and everyone who sees your stunning home. You’ll have a customized plan created just for you that tells you step-by-step your dream design. With this plan in hand you’ll be able to create rooms you love and a home that’s really “you”.

How we’ll work together

1: We’ll chat 2: You’ll send through some details 3: I’ll get planning
On a 15 minute skype call, we’ll talk about your ideal home and what you want your rooms to do for you. We will discuss your design plan and see if we connect. You answer a fun deep-dive questionnaire that helps me uncover the nitty-gritty specifics of your design preferences, your wants and needs for the space, and ultimate design objectives. You measure your room and shoot a simple video of the space. Based on what I uncover, I’ll outline an approach to your rooms from concept to design so you can have that beautiful home you’ve always wanted. I discuss initial design ideas with you as well as a timeline for delivery that we both agree to.
4: Design concept review 5: Delivery
Once your brand new design concept is planned, we’ll get on Skype together and I’ll show you the design concept. We will do a live review of revisions to the design plan, including any changes you want to the designs. Your design plans including design concept, floor plan, materials selection, furniture and accessories selection, video walk-through, artistic rendering, and step-by-step decorating plan will be delivered.


E-Design for

  • Living Room
  • Great Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Media Room

Who you are

My E-Design service is for you, if:

  • You want an efficient interior design service where you can chat with your designer over the phone in your jammies, with a cup of tea in your own home, without having to drag yourself out of the house.
  • You don’t want to be “sold” on a bunch of fancy furniture from a designer in a showroom, and then regret it.
  • You want the flexibility of choosing furniture and accessories from multiple places both online and in your local area, as well as using some of the pieces you already have. You also want the best price for the quality pieces you love.

And if you are at one of these stages in your home decorating:

  • You have recently moved into a new home and the open spaces make you nervous, because you are unsure of how to use the space.
  • You have been in your home awhile and realize the rooms are dated and need refreshing, but you know design and décor is not your thing, and you need help figuring it out.
  • You’ve used interior design services before and it was fine, but now you want to try an E-design approach because you want less stress and more freedom in your product selection.

It’s time to stop the struggle of doing it all on your own!  Get ready to love your rooms and love your home, by following a customized interior design plan created just for you, with personalized care and support.

E-Design Services Pricing

Silver Room Design Transformation

  • One Room Designed
  • Visual Design Concept
  • Customized Floor Plan
  • Material Selection
  • Furniture Selection
  • Accessories Selection
  • Video Walk-Through
  • Artistic Multi-Media Rendering
  • Step-by-Step Design Plan


Gold Room Design Transformation

  • Three Rooms Designed
  • Visual Design Concepts
  • Customized Floor Plans
  • Material Selections
  • Furniture Selections
  • Accessories Selection
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Artistic Multi-Media Renderings
  • Step-by-Step Design Plans


Let’s chat.

If you’re looking for someone to take all the stress away and overwhelm of having to design and decorate your rooms yourself, and you really want to be proud of your rooms and enjoy them every day- we’ll be a good fit.I will take care of finding the right design plan that creates beautiful rooms, so you can love your home and be proud of its beauty.

Energetic Space Clearings

You’ve been feeling “blah” about your home and you know it needs a little extra TLC. Maybe there’s been a change in the family like a divorce or a new baby, and you want the home to be cleared of stuck energy.

Maybe you’ve heard about space clearing and think it would be a good idea to clear up any toxicity in your home. Maybe you’ve just moved in, and you want the home cleared of energy from previous owners.

You feel dragged down by your home and it just feels “heavy” to live in it. You want to feel refreshed and fully alive in your home but you know something is “off”.

I’ll come to your home and give it a good space clearing using sage, feathers, salt, crystals, flowers, water, lemongrass, and candles. You’ll have a freshly energized home free of any stuck, dark, negative energy. You’ll feel so good inside your home knowing the energy is uplifted and you’ll be more creative, more energized, and more uplifted every day.

Energetic Space Clearings for

  • Whole house clearings
  • Home office clearings
  • Business clearings

Who you are

My Energetic Space Clearing is for you, if:

  • You feel the energy is “stuck” and “heavy” in your space
  • You have started a new home business and you want the space to support abundance
  • You have just moved into a new home and want it cleared of old energy
  • You have gone through a divorce and want the energy cleared of sadness and pain
  • You are bringing a new baby into your home and want it highly supportive of this new life
  • You have a brick and mortar business and want the space to support abundance

It’s time to get your spaces highly energized with good healing energy. It’s time to rid your spaces of toxic and heavy energy that brings you down.

I will take care of ridding your home of toxic energy so you and your loved ones can thrive in your newly healed and high-vibe spaces. You’ll love the results of energetic space clearings.

Energetic Space Clearing Pricing

Silver Energetic Space Clearing

  • 2 Hour Space Clearing
  • You Choose If You Want to Help Me
  • If You Are Present I train You About Space Clearing
  • Emailed Results of Space Clearing with Insights into Home or Business Energetics & Vibration
  • E-Book I Wrote Called “Space Clearing-Your Natural Energized Home”


Gold Energetic Space Clearing

  • 3 Hour Space Clearing
  • You Choose If You Want to Help me
  • If You Are Present I Train You About Space Clearing
  • Emailed Results of Space Clearing with Insights into Home or Business Energetics & Vibration
  • E-Book I Wrote Called “Space Clearing- Your Natural Energized Home”


Let’s chat.

If you are looking for someone to thoroughly clear your home or business from toxic, stagnant energy then we’ll be a good fit. I travel at times to do these clearings, so message me to see if I can serve you in your area. (Some travel costs applied).

I will take care of releasing your home of lower vibration energy, and bringing in positive, high vibration energy so you can attract abundance, peace, and joy in your spaces.

Intuitive Home Readings

You didn’t think you’d really “need” an intuitive home reading because you haven’t heard of this service before. When you really think about it though, getting an intuitive home reading could be the smartest decision you ever made because understanding the energy around your home brings a new level of intimacy between you and your space.

When you get detailed information about what messages your home has for you, and it is combined with messages from your own soul, you learn about the deeper meaning behind what brought you and your home together.

This works for both older and brand-new homes, as each structure has energy and a level of vibration. Everything has energy and information including buildings and there is a unique energy that comes through when I look at your home.

You choose if you want one reading or a 3-month reading package. 3-month packages are great for checking in with the energetics and vibrations of the home when you are doing interior design work, space clearing, and home renovation or building updates.

You’ll give me your name and the address of your home and then I’ll ask specific questions of it as well as your soul. Then I go into meditation and ask for guidance from God, my guides, Christ, and other benevolent beings.

The information comes to me loud and clear, and I write everything I get during the meditation. I then create an audio for you and send it over email. You’ll be so inspired with the information you get about your home and your soul. You’ll love knowing the deeper insights of your home, including the way it moves energy through it. The love and support that comes through your reading will remind you of your unique value and how your home can best support you in your journey through life.

Intuitive Home Readings

Silver Intuitive Home Readings

  • I Do a 1 Hour Meditation Reading & Writing
  • 30-45 Minute Audio Recording
  • Written Transcript of Reading


Gold Intuitive Home Readings

  • 3 Month Monthly Intuitive Home Readings
  • I Do a Monthly 1 Hour Check-In Meditation Reading & Writing
  • 3 30-45 Minute Audio Recordings
  • 3 Written Transcripts of Monthly Readings


Let’s chat.

If you are curious about the information you will get when I do an intuitive reading, and you wonder what the unique energy of your home entails, then you’ll love what you get from these readings.

Why not check in with the energetics of your space when you are doing upgrades, re-decorating, re-designing, de-cluttering, and re-vamping your spaces? You’ll love discovering how the energy of your home changes through the months.


“I’ve always wanted a home I could be really proud of that made me feel good. In fact I poured over decorating magazines for years, but all I’d get was confused about what to do in my house. When Jill did interior design services for me I finally ended up with very comfortable and beautiful rooms. Jill has such a good eye for design and I ended up with exactly what I always wanted in my living room, dining room and kitchen! The next spaces I want her to design are my guest room, balcony and office areas.”

Charlotte Reid, Environmentalist

“I had an amazing reading with Jill. It was really cool. I just moved into a new house and I wanted guidance and clarity on what to do with the spaces and what the energy looked like in the house. It was the coolest thing ever! I got all kinds of gold mine messages that felt so resonant and true. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. My home had a voice and a lot to say. I have a new intimacy with my house and we have a partnership now of how we co-exist to help me live my best life. It’s a whole new level of consciousness that I hadn’t even thought about ever before. It’s been so expansive to get this insight from Jill and to get the intuitive nudges and knowings from the house. The details as well, like what type of furniture it wants and what type of furniture my soul wants. The micro-details, like this type of leg design on the furniture- stuff I wouldn’t have ever thought of. Now I want to go furniture shopping and I know the vibe for the space that I want to create. I’m really grateful to Jill for her intuitive gifts and I’m really blown away by her insights. This was really expansive and beautiful, and really inspiring!”

Anne Rose Hart, Speaker & Life Coach

“We had just moved into a new home and it was big, open and I had absolutely no idea what to do with the all of the space. I cared a lot about the feeling I got when I walked into my space, and I cared a lot about what other people felt when they walked into my space. I hired Jill and we went room by room based on the highest priority for me. We started with my home office, and then proceeded to my living room, master bedroom, and upstairs landing room. I feel like working with Jill really provided me a deeper understanding of myself because I didn’t really know what I wanted, and I didn’t know how to make it happen. I’m delighted that I had the chance to work with her and my home is way more beautiful because of it.”

Emily Potter, Clinical Nutritionist


You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Winning interior design services, customized.

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